How much does it cost to become a member of PACT Scheme?

You can become a full member for just £10 per month, or £89 per annum (25% saving). There are no further hidden charges or upsell transactions whatsoever. Please note that VAT will be added to these figures.

What exactly do I get as a member?

Becoming a member of the PACT scheme empowers your business to manage your cash-flow and prevent late-payments becoming non-payments. The system gives you genuinely powerful repercussions, and enables you to decide when and how to use them. You can register unlimited late payments through your user friendly customer dashboard, or simply use the terms and logo as preventative tools.

Can we use the PACT Scheme logo on our company invoices?

Yes, absolutely. Once you are a member you will be sent our logo for adding to quotes, invoices, and other related correspondence.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel at any time by getting in touch through our 'contact us' page. Simply state that you wish to cancel your membership and provide us with your company name, and the email address linked to your account. You will no longer be able to use our logo on your correspondence, and your access to the dashboard will also cease.

Is it legal to expose poor paying businesses?

Yes, absolutely. The PACT Scheme process isn’t simply a crude ‘naming and shaming’ portal however. We use a sophisticated combination of reminders and potential repercussions to encourage prompt payment. Exposing non/poor paying businesses is a last (but certainly necessary) resort.

If a debtor doesn’t pay, what information will be exposed?

Nothing will be exposed unless you decide that it's necessary. If your customer is late paying and you decide to use the PACT system, then they will be given a seven day term to settle the invoice. During this term they will receive three emails outlining the repercussions of non-payment. If (at the end of the term) they still refuse to pay, then you can choose to share their information if you wish. If you do decide that it's necessary, then their company name and website address will be released to Defaulter.com, along with the debt amount and due date.

How long will information remain on the site?

If your company details have been exposed on Defaulter.com then they will remain there for five years. This is to ensure that other companies know that you don’t meet your payment obligations, before they decide to trade with you.

What can I do to stop my information appearing on Defaulter.com?

If you meet your contractual obligations and pay your invoices on time, your company name will never appear on Defaulter.com.

What can I do if the my information has been wrongly exposed?

You need to speak directly to your creditor, as they are responsible for the accuracy of the uploaded information.